"Salty" - The Classic Peterson 34.

HISTORY: In 1976, Doug Peterson sat down and designed the Peterson 34, a racer-cruiser. Peterson said the 34 was built “to deliver about eight people quickly and safely from point A to point B (such as Newport to Bermuda).” Modesty aside, the Peterson 34 has an excellent reputation for windward sailing performance in both light and heavy air. Her fine bow slices through the waves so she does not pound. And thanks to the advanced construction techniques of the era the solid hulls of the Peterson 34s are extremely strong and built to take it in any sea.

The Peterson 34 performs so well on the race course that the boat’s cruiser capabilities are often overlooked. The 1980 Peterson 34’0” available from California Yachts in San Diego right now is an amazing yacht with a gorgeous interior set off by solid hardwood floors. About 92 Peterson 34s were built between 1976 and 1981 in League City, Texas by Island Yacht Corporation, founded by boat builder and rigger Marion Hayes. Whether you want to sail from point A to point B or to point XYZ, the Peterson 34 is a thoroughbred vessel with comfort and turn of speed that can only be found in designs by Doug Peterson.

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